Basic info and Scope


The conference focuses on presentation of control methods and algorithms, new control systems, information and communication technologies (ICT) and their industrial applications. Its main aim is to provide a general forum for researchers, teachers and users from practice dealing with practical problems of control and ICT. Conference papers may range from highly theoretical works to industrial and engineering applications. Technical program will include invited talks of leading personalities in control engineering and applied informatics.


Papers are invited within the following fields:

  • Methods and algorithms for modelling and control of continuous time, discrete-time, discrete-event and hybrid processes
  • Advanced control, information and communication systems
  • Embedded, distributed and networked control systems
  • Applications of advanced control methods, information and communication technologies in industrial processes, mechatronics and service industries


Since 2000, when the head office of SSKI has been located at FEI STU, the following conferences were organized:

20th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Piešťany, SR, April 5–6, 2001
21th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Trebišov, SR, Sept. 4–6, 2002
22th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Dolný Kubín, SR, February 9–11, 2005
23th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Michalovce, SR, June 28-30, 2006
24th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Ždiar, SR, February 10-14, 2008
25th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Vyšná Boca, SR, February 10-13, 2010
26th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Skalka-Kremnica, SR, January 31 - Febr. 4, 2012
27th Conference Cybernetics & Informatics - Oscadnica,SR, Febr. 5 -  8, 2014

More conferences organized by SSKI: